Cr@psule Monsters is a spin-off series created by LittleKuriboh, in which only the four main protagonists - Yugi, Tea, Tristan and Joey - remain after the evil entity 4Kids kidnap Yami and trap them in the series.

In the first episode, Solomon Muto has gone off on a secret expedition, leaving Yugi alone due to his lack of on-screen parents. Later, Tea and Yugi play the game "Capsule Monsters", and discuss the fact that no-one other than Tea has knowledge of Duel Monsters. Joey shortly arrives and states that he has won tickets to India, and the four of them leave for India - but their plane crashes in a unknown location. They later meet Grandpa's travelling companion, who leads them to a huge board and lures them to step on it with promises of candy, all the while insisting that he's not a villain.

In the second part, Tea, Yugi and Tristan arrive in a jungle, whilst Joey has managed to get himself to the top of a mountain. As nature randomly attacks Yugi, Tea and Tristan, Joey is dumped into the clutches of LittleKuriboh's overly demanding fanbase. But soon Yugi locates Yami and they escape only to find Solomon wandering aimlessly, Tea and Tristan use shameless rip-offs off a popular children's show based off the concept of catching animals to destroy the Kraken for appearing in the crapping Pirates of the Caribbean sequel, and Joey flys off into the mountains riding a Charmander Baby Dragon.