Marik Ishtar's evil council is a collaboration of most of the series's villains, headed by Marik Ishtar. The council has had five meetings, and nothing worth telling has been accomplished. Current members are Marik Ishtar, Maximillion Pegasus, Yami Bakura, Zorc Necrophades, Weevil Underwood, Rex Raptor, SidZygorZombie Boy, BobRebecca Hawkins, (though Marik only wanted the bear) Steve Luna, Steve Umbra and Dan Green. When asked why Seto Kaiba is not a part of the group, Marik replied that Kaiba is an anti-hero, not a villain, and that his money and resources would just slow them down. In actuality, Kaiba just refused to be part of the group. The evil council's hideout in the middle of Egypt was destroyed by a bomb in the 2nd Christmas Special, so Marik moved the group's headquarters to a Hyatt hotel in Detroit that was hosting an anime convention. although they moved back to an Egyptian hideout in the fourth meeting.

It has been noted that Florence hates the reunions and during the fourth one he fell asleep. He dreamed that he was making fun about Marik wanting to mix the socks of Yugi Muto and suddenly the one that arrived was Melvin, the council actually was going well and they actually killed Yugi only to be woken up by Marik... who ironically wanted to mix the socks of Yugi Muto...

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