Joey must duel against a pair of breasts attached to a woman... with ESP.

Cast (In order of appearance):Yami, Joey, Téa, Yugi, Tristan, Serenity, Mai

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Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abridged Series
Season 1, Episode 5
Title My Funny Skankentine
Air date July 31 2006
Running time 4:14
Episode Guide
Lord Of The Cards
Everybody Hates Mako

YAMI: (holding a box of cereal) Yu-Gi-Oh is sponsored by Yugios. They're Yugi-licious. Wait a minute- Yugi-licious? Is that even a word?

OFFSCREEN VOICE: It lets the kids know that they're tasty!

YAMI: Yes, but Yugi-licious? Are they supposed to taste like Yugi or something?


YAMI: How exactly do you go about testing something like that? I mean, besides the obvious method...

OFFSCREEN VOICE: Just.. say.. the line.. you amateur.

YAMI: Fine. Yugios! Apparently, they're Yugi-licious! Okay now where's my f*cking paycheck?

New Title Sequence plays, with music from the original Yu-Gi-Oh anime

At Duelist Kingdom

JOEY: Even though I'm the clear underdog in this tournament, the fact that I'm a main character pretty much assures me a place in the finals!

TÉA: Yes, but the fact that you're a comic relief character means that you can't possibly win!

JOEY: (falls over anime style) Ngggyuuh...

YUGI: He's just overly excited, because this is the first episode that actually revolves around his character.

TRISTAN: I can't wait until I get my own episode!


TRISTAN: It's never gonna happen, is it?

TÉA: Do the words "robot monkey" mean anything to you?

JOEY: It's at times like this that I actually miss hanging out with my sister.


SERENITY: Where are we, Joey? Where are you taking me, big brother?

JOEY: To the beach! That's what you said you wanted, right?

SERENITY: Actually, I'd much rather be at home playing video games.

JOEY: We're going to the beach.

SERENITY: Joey, you're the world's best brother. Maybe one day, you'll win a card game tournament to help fix my eyesight.

JOEY: Sorry, I didn't hear that. Your voice is just too high-pitched.

SERENITY: I love you, Joey.

JOEY: Nope, I didn't catch that either.

SERENITY: Can we go home now?

JOEY: Seriously, stop talking, ya dumb broad!

End flashback

JOEY: (thinking) I promise ya sis, I promise that I'll win this tournament and get the prize money. Then you'll be able to afford speaking lessons, and you'll learn to talk good, like what I do.

MAI (offscreen): You lost, crybaby, now give me your star chips!

TÉA: Since there's only one other female character on this island, that has to be Mai.

LOSER: It's not fair! I thought disguising myself as a bee would help me to win!

JOEY: Ain't it a little unfair for a grown woman to go around challenging children at card games?

MAI: Wow, Yugi, you have such small hands.

She takes his hand, and Téa goes nuts. The "alert" sound from Metal Gear Solid is heard as Mai grabs Yugi's hand

MAI: I like that in a man.

TÉA: (in strange robotic voice) Back off, bitch, he's mine!

MAI: My breasts challenge you to a duel!

JOEY: Samurai Warrior Guy! Attack her Winged Aerobics Instructor!

YUGI: Wait, Joey! In this episode, flying monsters have an advantage over land-based monsters for no adequately explored reason!

JOEY: How did ya summon that monster without even looking at ya card?

MAI: I have ESP.

JOEY: Woah! Too much information, lady!


JOEY: Oh, so you're psychic.

MAI: Bingo. And it's not a trick, so don't even bother trying to figure it out.

JOEY: Wait a minute, you just sprayed all your cards with perfume!

MAI: No way! How could an amateur punk like you see through my aroma strategy?

JOEY: It sure is lucky I don't still have that cold from the previous episode, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to notice something like that.

TÉA: Joey needs help, Yugi! Transform into your sexy alter-ego!

YUGI: Ta-dada-da-dadaa! Puberty Power! (transforms into Yami)

YAMI: Don't let her boobies distract you, Joey! You can defeat her. Her cards share one very distinct weakness.

JOEY: What's that?

YAMI: They've all been censored by 4Kids.

Before and after shots of Cyber Bondage appear, along with the subtitle (nipples = bad, kids)

JOEY: That's right! With the power of 4Kids and sexism, I can win this duel! Time Roulette GO! (summons Time Wizard)

The Time Wizard attacks, and the song from the Rocky Horror Picture Show plays: Let's do the Time Warp again!!

JOEY: Thousand Dragon! Destroy all three of her Harpies at once!

TRISTAN: Doesn't anyone in this tournament know the rules to this game?

MAI: How.. could I lose.. to such an amateur?

JOEY: That's just what ya get for being a woman. With girly parts.

YAMI: Well done, Joey. You won your first real duel. Just remember that you're nothing without me. NOTHING!

JOEY: Hooray for censorship! (the 4Kids logo appears above him)



YAMI: (as Luke Skywalker) Your overconfidence is your weakness.

KAIBA: (as The Emperor) Your faith in your friends is yours.

Kaiba appears on screen along with the text: guess who's back next week?


  • The episode title spoofs the song "My Funny Valentine".
  • The box of cereal Yami holds is a Photoshopped Cheerios box.
  • Téa's line about the "robot monkey" refers to a future episode where Tristan is turned into one while trapped in a virtual world.
  • The sound effect that plays when Mai holds Yugi's hand and Téa flips out is from Metal Gear Solid (heard whenever an enemy or camera discovers you).
  • Yugi's transformation sequence line spoofs the catchphrase of Scrappy-Doo from the cartoon series "Scooby-Doo and Scrappy-Doo"
  • Mai's line "How could I lose to such an amateur?" is directly from the 4Kids dub.
  • The stinger is from The Return of the Jedi.

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