Rebecca with her demonic teddy bear.

Rebacca Hawkins
is a minor character in Yu-Gi-Oh: The Abrdiged Series. Rebecca is eight years old, and claims she is the best duelist in America. Very little is known about Rebecca Hawkins, due to the fact that she only appeared in Episode 20 - The Rebexorcist. She confronts Solomon Moto, Yugi Moto and his friends, claiming that Solomon stole the Blue Eyes White White dragon from her grandfather, Professor Arthur Hawkings, after being trapped in a cave with Egyptian Hiroglyphs on the walls. Rebecca Hawkins also carries a bear with her, which is possessed by a demonic force. It is known to speak in gibberish. However, in its appearance in Episode 35 - A Tale of Two Tournies, the teddy bear's gibberish is actually a backwords message. The bear actually says "You have way too much time on your hands."

Rebecca's teddy bear appears on littlekuriboh's "I'm on a blimp ft. Teddy".