Sid is one of Bandit Keith's henchmen, along with Zygor and Zombie Boy. He is seen with the other henchmen stalking Yugi  and the gang in Duel Of The Dead (Episode 12).

After Bandit Keith fired the henchmen, Sid disappeared from the show with the others.

Sid, Zygor and Zombie Boy reappeared at the Domino City Tournament, dressed like zombies (with the obvious exclusion of Zombie Boy) to force duelists to give them locator cards.

After Bakura kills Zombie Boy with an invisible gun, Zygor and Sid are never seen again.

Sid, Zygor and Zombie Boy briefly appear in Marik Ishtar's evil council, with Zombie Boy as the group's scribe.

Marik explodes Sid's head after being complained upon.

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