Solomon moto
Black Solomon Muto

Solomon After He was Blackified By Pegasus' Gold Chain.

Solomon Muto is Yugi's Grandpa and a perverted old man who tends to act suicidal and senile at some points throughout the series. In the First season Solomon is kidnapped by Kaiba and forced to fight him in a "Children's Card Game". Sadly Solomon loses. He gives his deck to Yugi and Yugi finishes off Kaiba with the unstoppable Exodia. After Kaiba was defeated a mysterious man enveloped in a shadow heard about Kaiba's defeat and decided to host a "Hood Fight Tournament". The next day Yugi recives a letter saying "Whats good Niggas" in his mailbox, when he opens the box a mysterious black man is seen on the screen with a Gold Chain rapped around his neck, the man claimed to be someone named "Maximillion "Nigga" Pegasus" the creator of Hoodlums R Us and a Childrens Hood Game. After the Black man challenges Yugi to a hood fight he sadly loses because Pegasus brought a gun to the fight. As punishment Pegasus turned Yugi's Grandpa into a raging old black man who likes to "fuck shit up".Solomon was later turned back to a white man after Yugi Beat Pegasus in a Hood Fight. In season 2 and onward he is rarely seen, but he claims to still have a craving for fried chicken, a possible side effect after he became Black.