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YU-GI-OH The Other Abridged Movie is the abridged counterpart of the 30 minute season 0 movie.The story is about a newly introduced character called Gary Stu who doesn't want to play card games (much to the dismay of Yugi and his friends) but has a powerful monster: the Red Eyes Black Dragon. Kaiba, who has put cameras all over the city searching for rare cards and watching yugi shower, wants the Red Eyes so much he sends a hairless variant of Kemo and Anime Ving Raimes to force Gary into playing a children's card game. Before Kemo could fully utilize his child grabbing skills though - Joey and Yugi show up to help Gary, Joey relishing the chance of beating a man into the ground. Despite their best efforts to get away, Yugi and Gary are caught by Ving Raimes and get beaten to a pulp, before Raimes steals Gary's Red Eyes. Right before the tournament Joey engages Ving Raimes in combat, is beaten, but manages to get the Red Eyes card back to Gary. Joey then forces Gary to watch Kaiba and Yugi play a children's card game for approximately 4 hours, by the end of which Gary proclaims that he loves card games before Yami instructs him to "Piss off".


Miho (a part of the friendship gang in S0, that LK largely cut out of his S0 abridged series) is apparently only present in Yugi's mind as an imaginary stalker

LK uses the opening scene and music straight from the S0 movie but adds humorous subtitles, something of a signature joke of this particular abridge

Kaiba, when finding the Red Eyes through his secret cameras says that watching Yugi shower helps him be one step ahead.

Gary Stu, the new character introduced is best friends with Yugi for some reason even though they've never met before (which is accurate to the original).

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