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Yami Bakura is an openly gay spirit. He has a relationship with Zorc in his TV show "Zorc and Pals". He has an obsession with killing Yugi... and everyone else for that matter. Yami Bakura wants to be the main character of the show so he can replace the show with Zorc and Pals, thus needing the Millenium Puzzle to steal Yugi's screentime. His counterargument when Marik calls him British is "I'm not British, I'm just gay," in contrast to Ryo Bakura's statement, "I'm not gay, I'm just British." In several clips it is implied that he and Marik are both "gay for each other" in clips such as "Bakuras true feelings" and "Leather pants" ( even though Marik insists he is not gay, though this has been proved wrong on several occasions ).

In episode nine, when Bakura (who has been placed into the card Change of Heart) possesses one of Yami Bakura's female monsters, Yami Bakura announces "By the gods, thats exactly what I want to look like!"- a statement made earlier by Yami Yugi when refering to the Cyber Commander looking surprisingly buff. In episode 18, he claims his reason for being evil is that his parents never loved him enough and dressed him like a girl, going so far as to call him Florence (a name he uses at the end of the same episode when he reveals the Millenium Ring is still with him and foreshadows the theft of the Millenium Eye). In episode 37, he claims the accent came from an incident with his abusive, drunkard father (reminiscent of the Joker argument, "Why so serious?": "Why so BRITISH?"

Ir is heavily implied that Yami Bakura is attracted to Marik Ishtar.

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Bakura is Awesome!