Zombie Boy is a zombie duelist who was also previously a henchman of Bandit Keith, along with Sid and Zygor. He dueled Joey in a graveyard duel arena, in which Joey confuses Zombie Boy for a Goth and defeats all Zombie Boy's monsters for cancelling the television program Firefly.

Zombie Boy reappeared after being kicked out of Bandit Keith's gang for not liking the movie Armageddon. He returned during the Battle City arc and stole locator cards from other duelists by hiding in a graveyard.

He later dueled Yami Bakura, but eventually gave up. He began a speech on zombie rights, but was interrupted mid-speech by Bakura shooting him in the head with an invisible gun.

At some point, he entered Marik's evil council, but seeing as Zombie Boy was killed whilst Sid and Zygor survived Bakura's encounter, and Sid was killed in the second episode of Marik's council, the canonocity of this is debatable. He reveals he only came for the tacos, but Marik lied about having them. Later, he is kicked out, so he joins Dartz's evil council.


Zombie Boy had a much more vibrant personality than Sid and Zygor, at one point critisicing Bandit Keith's continual use of the term "in America". He seemed for most of the series to be only able to say brains - his interpretation of the American national anthem is really something, he has the voice of a zombie angel - but after Bakura defeated him he revealed he could speak properly, and had only been saying "brains" because it was in the script.

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